fearsome beauty

This spiky little divil is called borage.  It is a very useful flower to have in the garden if you want to attract bees.  They just love it.  You can actually eat the flowers and they look great in a salad adding lovely colour to it.  It is also a medicinal plant for ailments such as bronchitis, flu, acne and stress to name a few.  It is rather prickly to the touch as you can see in this photo


you spiky little divil


A view from the front.  I find it so amazing!!  And it tastes great, would you believe!!!borage

in the here and now

I notice myself slipping off all the time into my own little world.  I can be having a chat with someone and suddenly I’ m thinking of something not at all related, gone like the wind into another realm.   For example, I might be chatting to my friend about her father and suddenly my thoughts race off and arrive at some flashback of what happened the other day.  At moments like this, I get a little embarassed because I will come back to the friend, who is still chatting about her father, and have to pretend that I didn’t miss out on half of what she already said and will have to read between the rather scant lines that I did hear and guess the rest.  And she will have noticed the slight vacant look on my face, the shame in my eyes, the uneasiness about me as I struggle to keep up with her story.  Now isn’t that shocking.


I remember once or twice when I was running in the woods and suddenly I fell, simply tripped and toppled over, and found myself sprawled on the muddy ground.  And I asked myself how the hell that happened and  the answer was simply that I got too  into my own little world and was very absent from the task at hand, running.   Whenever I fall or trip,  it usually implies that I have  become unconscious of the here and now.


And the moral of the story is  to always stay in the here and now and not to wander off in your head.  Easier said than done!!!  I’m off now to have a little daydream about candied borage flower and purple butterflies with pink spots and yellow and orange grass and balmy breezes and………….. there I go again!!

Down this country lane

“How are you, young yarrow?”

“Fine, thank you, Mr Sparrow.

And how are you today.

With that look of dismay?”

“I’m in need of a shower,

My beautiful Flower.

Waiting for the rain

Down this country lane”


“What I need is sunshine

for my complexion so divine.

To get wet does no good.

If it rains I’ll need a hood.

“Oh, just one little shower

My beautiful Flower.

My feathers need a wetting

in a puddle.  Don’t be fretting!”


“Well, hold off for a day

Or there’ll be hell to pay.

If the farmers cant get

the sunshine for their hay.

It’ll be raining soon enough

So don’t go off in a huff.

Wait for a while.

Give me a smile!

Down this country lane

You will have your rain”






a tap on the shoulder, a whisper in the ear

Did you ever feel that somebody or something was trying to whisper in your ear and was sort of tapping on your shoulders, standing immediate behind you?  Perhaps an angel, or a spirit?  And this thing that they are whispering is quite inaudible and leaves you guessing what was said?  And then  you try to put meaning on all this and start to work  out the intended message?  Then you come up with a whole new way of thinking like as if the message was telling you to shift your attitude ever so slightly, to make some little adjustment to your thought process, to see things in a different light, to understand the possitive side of the situation and not to dwell on the negative and then everything will be alright.  Well this is what’s happening to me recently.  There is a message coming through and I believe it is not an angel nor a spirit but rather my own consciousness helping me to become aware of some shift that needs to happen.  The good thing here is that this little shift won’t be too upsetting.  It’s only a minor adjustment.


So, little man, or  guardian angel, or ghost, or whoever or whatever you are, don’t you worry!!!  Point taken.  I have made the necessary steps.  You can now tap on someone else’s shoulder and whisper in their ear.  I’d say there are quite a few candidates out there that need adjusting and could do with an awareness boosting!!!

More than just slate trays

I like to think that they are not just ordinary trays. No these are fine, they are ornate, they are adornment; a beautiful centre piece for the dining room table; a serving tray for that special occasion when only the best sherry comes out from under lock and key and served as a pre-dinner drink; or some eatables perhaps, little tasty bites served in ever so delicate bowls; or simply used to place some tealights on. Whatever!!

slate tray with flower (Medium)

slate tray floral frame (Medium)