Another satisfied customer!!!

Kitty came today and picked up her hall table.  Very delighted she was too!!  Surpassed her expectations.  Well I’m delighted Kitty.  Keep them coming all these happy customers.  Here’s the table she had us make for her to fit in a special part of her hall.  Slate table top, slate bottom shelf and the rest done in wood and painted black.  I think it’s rather nice!!!


hall table


table tops made with recycled slate

These table tops were custom-made.   We love to work to commission here at heartworks and welcome any ideas of yours. For example if you have a specific table top you’d like,  just contact us.chess table 1CHESS BOARDmonica's coffee table

laser printing on slate

Below is a photo of a piece of slate that Mauricio nicely cut out and got our logo and name laser printed on it. The effect is quite good.  We might start using slate and this laser printing technique to make plaques, signs, ornaments, plates and god only knows what else in the future !!   Watch this space!!!

logo laser printed onto slate

a cocktail of chemicals

Now I know this is no way to be advertising your business with the term “a cocktail of chemicals”, especially one that is dedicated to the hand crafting of beautiful pieces and tries to be eco-friendly and recycle materials and all that jazz,  but I thought that this photo made for an interesting mixture of all kinds of stuff, most of which is used somehow in the making of our slate products and some of it, ie, the caustic soda, for unblocking blockages that have nothing to do with clocks or mirrors or picture frames at all.  I am impressed at the orderly way in which all the tools are hung on the door.  That’s a Mauricio thing.

heartworks workshop

nice finish

I’m off boasting again, well not about myself but about the finish that Mauricio executes on all his work.    It’s second to none (that’s my most recent favourite expression).   But  seriously, he is such a perfectionist that no matter where at his work you look : back or front, upside down or downside up, inside out or outside in, you’ll not come across a single imperfection.  I was looking through all the photos we have of heartworks slate products and couldn’t find one item that was photographed from the back so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that even the back of his work is a piece of art.  Well that might be pushing it to say a “piece of art”  but they are very well finished indeed.

Can’t you imagine these two mirrors from the back?  If not, I’ll simply have to get Mauricio to take a photo of the back of one or two of his finished products and post them on this blog at some stage so you don’t have to take my word for it.



New pub in town

An Portach, a new pub in the great town of Tullamore has opened its doors.  Now I can´t say I´ve been there but I did have a look and I know they have good taste because they purchased a number of items from ourselves.  If you go in and see yourself you´ll more than likely be looking through one of our mirrors.  The chess table is ours too (well it’s their’s now).  Some old photos of Church Street Tullamore are also exhibited there as a form of decoupage on slate.  Over the door the name of the pub, An Portach, meaning The Bog has been done by heartworks in slate.

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