Eternally entwined

Eternally entwined, forever embraced

No tearing apart that love so chaste.

Together they stand, there is no divide

They are a pillar of strength,  side by side,




endless love


romanesque (Medium)This is a mirror that Mauricio has made for the guy we get the slate from, our good friend PJ.  This particular mirror is 27 ” x 36 ” and is one piece.  I doubt he’ll be able to make it again as one piece as slate tiles that big are getting rarer and rarer by the day.  See our website  for details.  The artwork in the middle can be with different colours and/or can be left out  or can have features which are on other mirrors on our website.


Meadow Sweet

While walking in Lough Boora recently with a friend in the middle of summer he pointed out to me some Meadow Sweet which was all but very familiar already but up till then nameless, .  He told me that it was good for your skin and to take some and rub it in my hands and then smear my hands on my face.  I did that and like a torrent of emotions  it brought me right back to my childhood –  that moment when the smell, the sweet, almost pungent aroma, accosted my nostrils, the feel on my skin of those tufts of white flowers.  Memories of lazy days in the sun in the meadows around our house came springing back to mind, the bees buzzing away, the damp grass underneath us as we lay there with not a care in the world, the promise of an eternity of these long languid days of summer ahead; no school, no rules, no worries.


And as I soaked in that smell of a thousand memories I vowed that it would always have a place in my heart from that moment on;  it along with  clover, cowslips, daisies, buttercups and all those other nameless wild flowers.



Wedding Bells

The Wedding season is upon us,

It’s time to tie the knot

Hear the bells screaming

In case that you forgot

To make the vow of love

For better or for worse,

In sickness and in health

For rich or with an empty purse


So Help Me God

You’re going to need it

It’s a journey of intrigue

You’d better heed it

Be always mindful,  love needs to grow

Needs to blossom. This you must know

So go ahead , have that great day

The Thick and the Thin are on their way











Sunday Afternoon Joyriders

It’s looking fierce like there were some joyriders in this field in the middle of nowhere having a tear around.  Or it could have been a sunday afternoon driver who got lost and ended up somehow in a field in the arsehole of Offaly.  Or could it be possible that its neither one or the other but a mixture of both and now we have a new term – Sunday Afternoon Joyriders


sunday afternoon joydrivers

Wild and Wonderful

Last year at the bottom of the garden this was the flower bed with buttercups, green alkanet, nettles, aquilegia or, as it is sometimes named, Granny’s Bonnet.  And probably hidden underneath there would have been the odd dandelion fighting for survivial along with lesser celandine and God knows what else.  At some stage, when the temperatures got up there would have been many a bumble bee buzzing about to its heart content.  This year, I got to weeding the same patch before it “got out of hand” and now I’m feeling a little sorry.


wild and wonderful