The fairest of them all

Mauricio just simply can’t do without me, so much so, that he carries my image around with him 24/7.  Here he is was spotted at the Leo awards night with an image of me on one of his mirrors.


Mauricio, for peat’s sake.  What did I tell you about your “fairest of them all”.  I ain’t going nowhere, I’ll be there by your side always and not just my shadow or image.  And that’s a threat!!!


Picture: Jeff Harvey/HR Photo


Handmade Natural Soap

Next week we will be up in Ballsbridge, Dublin at the RDS National Craft and Design Fair from 3rd to 7th December. Not too long to go now. I have this niggling feeling in my tummy when I think about it and all I have to do beforehand, sort of nervous sensation. But It will all go just fine. In fact, there is a promise of success in the air. At least with the soaps. We have been selected for inclusion in the Design & Crafts Council Display area. No mean achievement! The purpose of this area is to encourage consumers to buy Irish craft by displaying great gift ideas from Irish craftspeople at the show.


soap in a box (Medium)

Evil Porridge stirred with slate spurtle???

“It feels like someone is choking me and at the same time sticking a knife in my gut”  The words spoken by Miguel, our son, this morning as he struggled through his bowl of “grueling gruel”.  Now, we, at Heartworks, don’t make slate bowls, nor do we make porridge oatflakes, the former being an impossibility and the latter being taken care of by nature.  But we do, or should I say, Mauricio does make a “mean” bowl of porridge.  He even looked it up online; studied it, researched it and came up with the perfect formula.  So each morning, his spurtle in hand, he stirs and stirs, and all with pure love, this noble breakfast entree and the end result is a perfectly cooked porridge with a creamy texture and a delicate fragrance.  Just like all he puts his hands on it turns out perfectly every time.


“What is a spurtle” I hear you ask.  It’s a glorified stick used for stirring porridge.  Maybe someday I’ll get Mauricio to make a slate spurtle but I doubt he will.  Just like slate bowls, slate spatulas and yes, even slate plates, slate spurtles just wouldn’t be pracical