slate tray “fish” with little dish

This is a tray,  made by heartworks of course, which we presented to our dear friend in Ennis.  And she happened to have a lovely square dish for sauce or little eatables ready and waiting for it.  It is a perfect match and  we would love to get our hands on  a few of them to complete our new product but unfortunately she bought it in a second hand shop in San Francisco.  So I guess I’ll have to keep searching.  Or maybe there are lots more “perfect” dishes for our trays out there that I don’t know aboutfish motif on slate tray


Evil Porridge stirred with slate spurtle???

“It feels like someone is choking me and at the same time sticking a knife in my gut”  The words spoken by Miguel, our son, this morning as he struggled through his bowl of “grueling gruel”.  Now, we, at Heartworks, don’t make slate bowls, nor do we make porridge oatflakes, the former being an impossibility and the latter being taken care of by nature.  But we do, or should I say, Mauricio does make a “mean” bowl of porridge.  He even looked it up online; studied it, researched it and came up with the perfect formula.  So each morning, his spurtle in hand, he stirs and stirs, and all with pure love, this noble breakfast entree and the end result is a perfectly cooked porridge with a creamy texture and a delicate fragrance.  Just like all he puts his hands on it turns out perfectly every time.


“What is a spurtle” I hear you ask.  It’s a glorified stick used for stirring porridge.  Maybe someday I’ll get Mauricio to make a slate spurtle but I doubt he will.  Just like slate bowls, slate spatulas and yes, even slate plates, slate spurtles just wouldn’t be pracical

A Very Fishy Tray

This is a tray that Mauricio made many years ago and which we have had in the kitchen and being used to hold our coffee pots.  Despite the grime and dirt that can build up in the kitchen this slate tray has behaved very well indeed, its colours have stayed true to themselves in intensity and even though Mauricio took it out recently to the workshop to give it a little touch up here and there it was looking fairly awesome.  Cute Little Fish!!!  Very Mauricio – esque???!!!fishy tray (Medium)

Flying saucers

It wont exactly be saucers that’ll be flying but slate plates and they won’t exactly be flying, as in buzzing around the place like a busy bees or like frisbees at the beach.  No they will be flying out the door like hot cakes as people queue up for them  next week at the RDS Christmas Craft Fair.  At least that’s what I hope.

And I’m still not convinced that slate plates are the way to go but who am I to dictate what’s in vogue.  SLATE PLATES ARE IN and so in order to keep up with the demand, Heartworks have moved into this realm, albeit reluctantly.  And, as part of product development, we had a dinner party recently and used all our new  new selection of tableware.  The cheese, the olives and sundried tomatoes were put directly onto our serving board along with a variety of crackers.  This was our little hors d’oeuvres and was accompanied by a sherry which were served in little glasses on one of our ornate serving plates.  Heartworks OLDC Selection-4 (Medium)

Heartworks OLDC Selection-3 (Medium)

Then came the starter served on slate plates; Prawn cocktail surrounded by a bed of baby leaf salad.

Heartworks OLDC Selection-1 (Medium)The next course was not served on plates as it was a chicken casserole and we were hardly going to serve that on slate plates and risk chicken and its gravy going everywhere!!!

And finally the Dessert, a little dollop of ice cream together with a slice of cheese cake and a few pieces of fruit strewn around the slate plate.  Heartworks OLDC Selection-8 (Medium)

We used our new coasters too for the wine glasses and we had one of our latest tea light holders down the middle of the table.

It was a feast and a half!!!

It wasn’t until the next morning that I realised how many plates I had used when I went to wash them.  But they washed up beautifully and kept their lustre.   They’re packed away now for the next special dinner party which will be coming up soon and I won’t let you know yet who’s on the guest list!!

Heartworks OLDC Selection-13 (Medium)p.s.All these items are going to be up on our website very soon; and in the meantime contact us at