The fairest of them all

Mauricio just simply can’t do without me, so much so, that he carries my image around with him 24/7.  Here he is was spotted at the Leo awards night with an image of me on one of his mirrors.


Mauricio, for peat’s sake.  What did I tell you about your “fairest of them all”.  I ain’t going nowhere, I’ll be there by your side always and not just my shadow or image.  And that’s a threat!!!


Picture: Jeff Harvey/HR Photo


Another satisfied customer!!!

Kitty came today and picked up her hall table.  Very delighted she was too!!  Surpassed her expectations.  Well I’m delighted Kitty.  Keep them coming all these happy customers.  Here’s the table she had us make for her to fit in a special part of her hall.  Slate table top, slate bottom shelf and the rest done in wood and painted black.  I think it’s rather nice!!!


hall table

A Very Fishy Tray

This is a tray that Mauricio made many years ago and which we have had in the kitchen and being used to hold our coffee pots.  Despite the grime and dirt that can build up in the kitchen this slate tray has behaved very well indeed, its colours have stayed true to themselves in intensity and even though Mauricio took it out recently to the workshop to give it a little touch up here and there it was looking fairly awesome.  Cute Little Fish!!!  Very Mauricio – esque???!!!fishy tray (Medium)

unusual pendulum clock for our “unusual” friends

Now I mean “unusual” in the best possible way.  Our friends, Terri and Smiley with their lovely daughter, Sheenagh are definitely a rare threesome and they love unusual things.  That’s why we gave them this pendulum, to commemorate firstly their union which took part in the summer of 2012 and then the birth of their daughter a few months ago.  I really hope that it is unusual enough for them!!!