Another “Selva Birds” Tealight holder in slate

And another lovely tealight holder with two birds.  Can you spot them?selva birds tealight brown (Medium)


jungle birds

I don’t know why this tealight holder and its pattern would remind me of jungle birds but it does.  Does anyone else see this, two birds one red the other blue? I’ve nicknamed it selva birds!!!tealight holder selva birds



“Birds a nattering”

I christened this tealight holder “Birds a nattering” because…….  Well, they do look like three birds and they have got their heads fairly together as if in chattering and nattering and flattering and probably prattling away about nothing, just like women!!!!  Ooooops!!! Did I just say that?  HEARTWORKS Slate Tealight holdersbirds a nattering

slate tray “fish” with little dish

This is a tray,  made by heartworks of course, which we presented to our dear friend in Ennis.  And she happened to have a lovely square dish for sauce or little eatables ready and waiting for it.  It is a perfect match and  we would love to get our hands on  a few of them to complete our new product but unfortunately she bought it in a second hand shop in San Francisco.  So I guess I’ll have to keep searching.  Or maybe there are lots more “perfect” dishes for our trays out there that I don’t know aboutfish motif on slate tray

Mind those little fingers

Mind those little fingers of yours  when you’re doing that very unglamorous work that is so much apart of this business.  After all, those clocks and picture frames and whatnots don’t come to Heartworks ready cut.  It’s not a case of simply having to paint them and beautify them.  There’s all that angle grinding, and power washing.  That’s why we have to dress up like something out of a space film.  You don’t think we’re doing that because we like to dress up like spacemen, now do you?


DSC_1865 (Medium)DSC_1864 (Medium)

Ah but it’s all worth it in the end when the completed article unfolds

slate tealight holder hens a nattering

A Very Fishy Tray

This is a tray that Mauricio made many years ago and which we have had in the kitchen and being used to hold our coffee pots.  Despite the grime and dirt that can build up in the kitchen this slate tray has behaved very well indeed, its colours have stayed true to themselves in intensity and even though Mauricio took it out recently to the workshop to give it a little touch up here and there it was looking fairly awesome.  Cute Little Fish!!!  Very Mauricio – esque???!!!fishy tray (Medium)