Rusty Old Things

There is something beautiful and appealing about old things that are rotting away and disintegrating, like paint peeling off wood or an old rusty hinges or hooks and nails.   It reminds us of our own inevitable decline maybe.  It serves to gently nudge us as if to say, It’s not younger you’re getting dearest.  No, we’re all getting older (and wiser) by the day and the main thing is to do it with dignity, like these pieces of door.  They still hold some charm and maintain greatness of character.




works of heart from heartworks

It was suggested to me on  numerous occasions and indeed it has occurred to me anyway that we should play more on the name “Heartworks” as our brand name.   For example “works of art made from the heart” come to mind as does ” heartworks pieces made with a little piece of our heart”  But I hesitate and so does Mauricio at the risk of sounding a little corny and false.  Not that we don’t put our heart and soul into each piece.  It’s just that making a big deal about it cheapens it for us and we feel that it is evident anyway from the piece that it has been made with lots of love, care and devotion to art.

If Mauricio only knew half of the praise I give him in my blogs he’d have a fit.  He simply isn’t one for self patting on the back.  He’s humble to a fault and not given over to total confidence in his artistic talent.  He’d have you and me believe that he really isn’t that gifted after all, that he is just an ordinary guy going about his ordinary job and doing it as well as he can….bla bla bla etc etc etc.

Well I know that self praise is no praise at all but I’m not praising me.  I’m praising him and will continue to do so until he starts churning out ordinary slate pieces to mediocre standards, with only a hint of heart in them.  To date that has not been the case.


Mauricio’s magnificently made majestic mirrors

classic queen mirror Queen mirror raw slate

ornate queen mirror 2

ornate queen mirror

All these mirrors recently sprung from a request from a former customer.  She wanted two mirrors to match and gave dimensions of 22″ x 11″ and more or less gave Mauricio artistic licence to come up with his own design.  She had gotten mirrors from us in the past and wanted them a  little similar to them but also a little different.   So Mauricio came up with these four designs and she chose the last one on the rightt.  One of these mirrors has not been painted so you see the natural colour of the slate.

See Saw Margery Daw

“See Saw Modery Daw” is what I used to sing  while up on the swing.   I didn’t know any more of the words and so I used to make up my own words ” Swing Swong Modery Dong”.

Just a load of gibberish that passed my lips while looking at this photo of a heartworks pendulum clock.


rusts and golds and red tints

Here at Heartworks we give as much attention to our creations as is befitting.  Well Mauricio does!

Mauricio probably spent fifteen minutes just simply looking at this “Princess” pendulum before embarking on the job of painting.  Now I have to say that I don’t sit around watching him (I have a life of my own) but sometimes I might enter the workshop and see that  he is lost in his work. It’s a time of mighty creativity and much concentration is needed and one daren’t interrupt.  Believe me, I have tried and have almost gotten the head taken off me.  He really “looks” at the piece and sees where he should and shouldn’t go with his cloth and his oil based paints.  Then, as if  the inspiration arrived,  he sets to work embellishing the piece with rusts and browns and golds and red tints and after a while the end product emerges, looking gorgeous and desirable??


tea light holder on slate mirror

Here at Heartworks we are into detail although we would not necessarily say that” the more detail the better”.  But in the case of some mirrors a tea light holder on the mirror can rather enhance it’s beauty, giving it that …”je ne sais quoi”??  Did I just say that?  Anyway here’s a detail of a tea light holder on a slate mirror  and if you look in the mirror you might even see that the tea light is burning although I don’t see it in the actual tea light.  Weird, Eh?

tea light holder on mirror

the lying down pendulum

This pendulum decided to lie down, not to die but to have a wee break.  It was enjoying its time away from its pendulum swing which was always swinging and hanging out of it like dead weight.  So it took a nap, enjoyed the inactivity for an hour or so and when it was truly rested and battery well charged up it came back and met its partner,the swing,  with renewed energy and has been ticking away ever since