Glad to see the back of her!!

When I was young I heard this expression many times “I’ll be glad to see the back of her”.  I’m not quite sure if it was my mother or my father or both or even the neighbour that used to say this from time to time and  I used to wonder what it meant.  The sentiment behind it was always unmistakably venomous so one knew that the “she” in question had better get lost real soon.  And it usually was a “her” for some reason;  ” She”, the one that the cat dragged in, the hussy who had better tow the line or else!!! “She” was a troublemaker and one to be wary of, one who it was better to see her back rather than her front.  Seeing her back meant she was going away and was no longer a threat to the general peace and quiet.  Now, seeing her “front” was cause to set off alarm bells; the offending and approaching hazard; double trouble getting nearer and nearer; panic setting in, danger looming larger and larger; Oh, What to do?.  “Can’t somebody turn her around so that we can see her back”!!!


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