arse from your elbow!!

Well who wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow, would you mind telling me that?  For one thing an arse has two cheeks and is usually soft and an elbow is a sort of bony hard joint .  Another difference is one is for attacking if someone comes up too close behind, the other well…. If someone gets too close to it from behind they might get the  elbow in their stomach or somewhere below the stomach that might hurt alot!!.

But I do get the point.  If one is totally knackered for some reason or other, say, they are working too hard or too many people are pulling out of them (like a mother sometimes for example) they might get driven to distraction and not know their arse from their elbow and end up giving someone an arse load of aggression and fondle them with their elbow!!!


out foraging for good food!

Just recently I had the pleasure of meetiing  Sharon Greene, a forager and a friend of wild foods and saw some of the wonderful products she has on offer; elderberry, rosehip, gorse flower, nettle and hawthorn berry syrups, Dandelion Flower “Honey” Preserve, Crabapple & Chilli Fruit Cheese Pot, Crabapple & Wild Berry Fruit Cheese Pot and lots more.  Check them out on The Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers.

Earlier on this summer I made Wild Garlic pesto several times and got a great kick out of it.  Also in June I got the leaves and flowers from a hawtorn bush, brought them home and stuffed them into a jar and soaked them in Brandy for a few weeks.  After that I put the concoction in little bottles with squeezy tops for drops and gave them out to a few friends.  By the way, Hawthorn is supposed to be good for the heart so there’s about four or five of my friends walking around with extremely healthy hearts at present!!  And if those four or five friends were wanting some more when that little bottle finishes all they have to do is come back and ask for more.  Don’t be shy now!!

There is so much food out there for free, it’s unreal!! The blackberries have been picked and the jam is all finished and labelled and ready for the attic where it will stay (not for long ) in storage.  It’s such a pleasure to pick nice fat juicy fruit when it’s ready for the pickin’.

I picked some “chicken of the wood” today up in charleville forest  and brought it home to Mauricio for breakfast.  Now he did put up his nose at it because it’s not the youngest or freshest.  I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a few weeks and it aged before my very eyes.  I’ll just have to go out tomorrow to that secret field that not too many people know about, ooops!! and find some nice fresh field mushrooms to keep my man happy.   You know the saying- the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.