in the here and now

I notice myself slipping off all the time into my own little world.  I can be having a chat with someone and suddenly I’ m thinking of something not at all related, gone like the wind into another realm.   For example, I might be chatting to my friend about her father and suddenly my thoughts race off and arrive at some flashback of what happened the other day.  At moments like this, I get a little embarassed because I will come back to the friend, who is still chatting about her father, and have to pretend that I didn’t miss out on half of what she already said and will have to read between the rather scant lines that I did hear and guess the rest.  And she will have noticed the slight vacant look on my face, the shame in my eyes, the uneasiness about me as I struggle to keep up with her story.  Now isn’t that shocking.


I remember once or twice when I was running in the woods and suddenly I fell, simply tripped and toppled over, and found myself sprawled on the muddy ground.  And I asked myself how the hell that happened and  the answer was simply that I got too  into my own little world and was very absent from the task at hand, running.   Whenever I fall or trip,  it usually implies that I have  become unconscious of the here and now.


And the moral of the story is  to always stay in the here and now and not to wander off in your head.  Easier said than done!!!  I’m off now to have a little daydream about candied borage flower and purple butterflies with pink spots and yellow and orange grass and balmy breezes and………….. there I go again!!


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