a tap on the shoulder, a whisper in the ear

Did you ever feel that somebody or something was trying to whisper in your ear and was sort of tapping on your shoulders, standing immediate behind you?  Perhaps an angel, or a spirit?  And this thing that they are whispering is quite inaudible and leaves you guessing what was said?  And then  you try to put meaning on all this and start to work  out the intended message?  Then you come up with a whole new way of thinking like as if the message was telling you to shift your attitude ever so slightly, to make some little adjustment to your thought process, to see things in a different light, to understand the possitive side of the situation and not to dwell on the negative and then everything will be alright.  Well this is what’s happening to me recently.  There is a message coming through and I believe it is not an angel nor a spirit but rather my own consciousness helping me to become aware of some shift that needs to happen.  The good thing here is that this little shift won’t be too upsetting.  It’s only a minor adjustment.


So, little man, or  guardian angel, or ghost, or whoever or whatever you are, don’t you worry!!!  Point taken.  I have made the necessary steps.  You can now tap on someone else’s shoulder and whisper in their ear.  I’d say there are quite a few candidates out there that need adjusting and could do with an awareness boosting!!!


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