Engagement Presents

Here, at Heartworks, we have the right gift to suit all needs.  Be it an engagement present or a wedding gift, look no further!  And we can personalise it to however you want it; an inscription, a poem, specific dimensions or style.  We’re all ears here.  Just look us up on our bespoke gifts page



Bespoke wedding or engagment gifts


Mary Queen of Scots up in Charleville Castle

This plaque accompanied the Queen Pendulum Clock which was commissioned by Charleville Castle and was presented by them to Adelaide Kane who took up the lead role as Mary Queen of Scots in the TV Movie “Reign”


plaque commissioned by Charleville castle


And here’s Adelaide herself, looking like a beautiful queen and the Other beautiful queen beside her!!!
Heartworks Queen Presentation

Our Latest “Queen” Pendulum presented to Adelaide Kane at Charleville Castle

queen pendulum presented to Adelaide KaneTake a look at our latest “Queen” pendulum Clock which more or less started out from Heartworks being commissioned by Charleville Castle to  present  Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) with a Slate Presentation Piece


unusual pendulum clock for our “unusual” friends

Now I mean “unusual” in the best possible way.  Our friends, Terri and Smiley with their lovely daughter, Sheenagh are definitely a rare threesome and they love unusual things.  That’s why we gave them this pendulum, to commemorate firstly their union which took part in the summer of 2012 and then the birth of their daughter a few months ago.  I really hope that it is unusual enough for them!!!


See Saw Margery Daw

“See Saw Modery Daw” is what I used to sing  while up on the swing.   I didn’t know any more of the words and so I used to make up my own words ” Swing Swong Modery Dong”.

Just a load of gibberish that passed my lips while looking at this photo of a heartworks pendulum clock.


rusts and golds and red tints

Here at Heartworks we give as much attention to our creations as is befitting.  Well Mauricio does!

Mauricio probably spent fifteen minutes just simply looking at this “Princess” pendulum before embarking on the job of painting.  Now I have to say that I don’t sit around watching him (I have a life of my own) but sometimes I might enter the workshop and see that  he is lost in his work. It’s a time of mighty creativity and much concentration is needed and one daren’t interrupt.  Believe me, I have tried and have almost gotten the head taken off me.  He really “looks” at the piece and sees where he should and shouldn’t go with his cloth and his oil based paints.  Then, as if  the inspiration arrived,  he sets to work embellishing the piece with rusts and browns and golds and red tints and after a while the end product emerges, looking gorgeous and desirable??


the lying down pendulum

This pendulum decided to lie down, not to die but to have a wee break.  It was enjoying its time away from its pendulum swing which was always swinging and hanging out of it like dead weight.  So it took a nap, enjoyed the inactivity for an hour or so and when it was truly rested and battery well charged up it came back and met its partner,the swing,  with renewed energy and has been ticking away ever since