Dirty Rubbish-throwing People

Dirty Rubbish-throwing People

People who throw rubbish on the ground in public places are dirty and should be caught out and fined heavily, and made a public disgrace of.  That would teach them.

I live in a beautiful place, charleville Estate, Tullamore, Co. Offaly which has woodlands and open space combined  and a castle thrown in for good measure, It’s such a wonderful amenity for the town of Tullamore.  The castle (www.charlevillecastle.com) is breathtakingly awesome, surrounded by some of the finest Oak, Lime, Ash and Beech trees.  Wildlife is plentiful here with fallow deer roaming freely, red squirrels abound as far as i can see, and althought I’ve never seen them there are badgers.  I know this because sometimes my dog comes back from his wanderings with the smell of badger pooh on him.  You can smell him first and then 2 minutes later he comes around the corner happy out.   At this time of year the bluebells start to come out and pretty soon there will be a psychedelic purple/blue  carpet covering the ground in the woods and you will think that you have taken some mind altering ellixir or drug and you will not know whether to laugh or cry with joy at the sight.  Later on the wild garlic will fight its way up through this carpet and there will be intermittent patches of white everywhere not to mention the pungent smell of this fine allium ursinum.  

How anyone can come to this lovely spot and wittingly dump their rubbish in among the trees, leave behind their dirty nappies on the grass, throw their empty fast food cartons and fizzy drink cups on the paths, recklessly strew their empty beer cans or bottles  under the five-hundred-year-old king oak tree is beyond me.  Shame on them!!!




slate spatula? I dont think so.


One of my favourite kitchen utensils has got to be the spatula.  The other day I was making a cheese cake, the fake one with the jelly.  So here I was, cutting up the flabby block of jelly into pieces and melting it in a little amount of boiling water.  Here’s where the spatula comes in handly.  Because the jelly was so thick and syrupy (because there’s more sugar than anything else),  The spatula got in there and cleaned out every single bit of jelly.  I could nearly have put the bowl away.  Then that jelly had to join the cream cheese and cream and yes, more sugar and it all got whipped together.  So here’s where the spatula comes in again.  All that yummy, creamy stuff had to get out of its bowl and onto the base of digestive biscuits.  Another bowl could have been put away without washing.  That spatula found every last bit of the delectable substance.

Now I normally write about slate in my blogs so I was wondering how to give heartworks and slate a mention in this post.  And then it occurred to me to imagine a spatula made out of slate.  No doubt Mauricio would give it a try but it simply would not work out.  Spatulas have to be pliable and slate isn’t pliable.  So heartworks should stick to what it does best; clocks, mirrors and picture frames and leave the spatula to a more suitable material like plastic or whatever it is they’re made of.





waste not want not

A friend of ours came to our house today to get some unwanted left over slate from us .  He is going to break it up into fine pieces and then put it on his great grandparents graves.  It’s nice to know that none of the slate we use here at heartworks( www.heartworks.ie) gets wasted.  We use it to put on the pathways around the house helping to keep down weeds.   In our vegtable garden we have put down broken up slate around the edges to give definition to where the garden starts and where the path ends.  It might even contribute to keeping slugs away.  (Although I have another theory- it gives them (slugs) more places to hide) We’ve even filled up potholes  on the road near the house with slate and with great result.   With  a little imagination we could find even more ways to use up our unwanted slate pieces.  I must put my thinking cap (which is not made of slate) on !!!

slate tables



Mauricio doesn’t just make slate clocks, mirrors and picture frames, he also has dabbled in making furniture, such as slate shelves and  slate tables.  Above one can see a chess table that he made.  It was sold at an auction at Purcells of Birr last year.  

We don’t have too many of his pieces in our own house except for the odd pot stand or cheese board and in the corner of the kitchen, in a very discreet area, there is the tiniest slate clock which is for my eyes only because nobody else seems to notice it.  Not a slate mirror too be seen within the four walls of our house!! But in the living room adorning the middle of the room is a wonderful coffee table that Mauricio made for me as a birthday present a few years back.  It is my pride and joy





oval or round mirrors

ImageThis is one of our latest additions to our stock. Anything square is easy enough to cut out with an angle grinder but round edges are difficult.  I dont know this first handedly. By listening to Mauricio (He’s the one that makes all our clocks, mirrors and picture frames) I find out what’s an easy process and what’s a difficult one.  It seems that nothing is too easy when creating a hopefully beautiful piece out of recycled slate.  But Mauricio seems to manage very well.  http://www.heartworkstullamore.net/Mirrors(1082830).htm