Forever present in a photo

Below are photos both of my mother and Mauricio’s father.  They’re both gone from us, my mother almost 5 years now and Mauricio’s dad a year and a half.  When we go to craft fairs and even in our workshop we have them there in our photo frames looking down at us and, as we like to think, guiding us and comforting us.

This photo here of my mother was taken a few months before she died in around May and that day Mauricio had gone around the garden picking wild flowers for her. Later on, we were going to have a barbecue.  The other photo of Mauricio’s dad was taken with him holding a glass of “Cola de Mono” a typical chilean aperitif around christmas time.  They make a handsome pair just like their children do!!!  7 x 5 slate picture frame charcoal band trans

photo frame with nana