glimmer of hope for humanity

I really did see a glimmer of hope recently while down in East County Clare. Along the side of the road, (not a main road, mind you, but a road nonetheless), there was a little sheebeen and inside there were vegtables in small bags with prices on them and along side these vegtables was a box called an honesty box. The idea was to chose what vegtables you wanted and leave the money in the honesty Box; No shopkeeper, no one looking over your shoulder to make sure you didn’t do a runner, no policing of the situation at all. Pure anarchy at its finest and best. By the way all these vegtables were homegrown and organic and cheap.

What struck me was how much goodwill these people were spreading by being brave enough to run this “shop” in such manner, entrusting the general public with paying for what they took, trusting them to do the right thing. It And from all accounts it works. Fair dues to those people and long may it last is what I say


digby, ginger and sweep

I unearthed this photo from among the countless photos we have of our dearly departed Sweep. Hilarious, these three were when they got together and pandemonium they produced whenever they stayed with us. Two of them are now dead; Sweep and Digby, the white one beside Sweep. She was his mother actually. Ginger, Im glad to say, is still hail and hearty, at least she was last time I checked.