A burst of sunshine

Whatever about the sunshine we’re having at the moment which is very welcome indeed, this little miniature burst of sunshine has captured my heart, and sent lightning bolts down my spine.  Pure beauty!!


DSC_2893 (Medium)


fearsome beauty

This spiky little divil is called borage.  It is a very useful flower to have in the garden if you want to attract bees.  They just love it.  You can actually eat the flowers and they look great in a salad adding lovely colour to it.  It is also a medicinal plant for ailments such as bronchitis, flu, acne and stress to name a few.  It is rather prickly to the touch as you can see in this photo


you spiky little divil


A view from the front.  I find it so amazing!!  And it tastes great, would you believe!!!borage

Down this country lane

“How are you, young yarrow?”

“Fine, thank you, Mr Sparrow.

And how are you today.

With that look of dismay?”

“I’m in need of a shower,

My beautiful Flower.

Waiting for the rain

Down this country lane”


“What I need is sunshine

for my complexion so divine.

To get wet does no good.

If it rains I’ll need a hood.

“Oh, just one little shower

My beautiful Flower.

My feathers need a wetting

in a puddle.  Don’t be fretting!”


“Well, hold off for a day

Or there’ll be hell to pay.

If the farmers cant get

the sunshine for their hay.

It’ll be raining soon enough

So don’t go off in a huff.

Wait for a while.

Give me a smile!

Down this country lane

You will have your rain”






Forget Me Not

dedicated to my little sis very far away but forever in my heart…….



Forget You? Not ….a chance, No Way,

Not since you came on the wind of May.

Forget You? Not a hope in hell

Your tininess rings out like a chiming bell.

Oh! Your Highness, so noble and mellow

With your crown of blue, your heart of yellow.

“Forget me not” I hear you say.

“Remember me till my last living day”

And I reply  “There is no fear of that.

To you, my dear, I take off my hat”


flowers around the gate lodge (13) - Copy