havin’ a sup o’ water for de thirst

puss drinking water

Our wee cat, when she wants a sup of water, comes to the sink and takes what is “rightfully” hers without so much as a by your leave. But we love it and so does any one visiting who happens to witness the scene. It really is a funny sight.  She won’t drink water from her bowl, let it be noted, only straight from the tap.  Curious Cat!!!


stickler for time

Are you one of those people who stick rigidly to a schedule?  Are you a stickler for time?  Must you arrive on time wherever you go?  Well God help you, is all I can say, if you’re such a person and you’re unlucky enough to be living in Ireland.  You must go through hell everyday.  I can see you there, waiting for your so called “friend” who thinks that her time is more valuable than yours obviously.  Otherwise She would have bent over backwards to get to the coffee shop on time or wherever it was you were meeting.  But no!! She arrives 10 or even 15 minutes late and all she can say is “sorry, the traffic was mental”  or “sorry, my bike had a puncture” or “sorry, I’m a little bit late” and offer some lame excuse about how it wasn’t her fault, that someone else had delayed her.  Bla Bla Bla!!!!

And did you ever arrive on time to a party and have to wait at least 2 hours before it actually kicked off because every other soul invited said to themselves that they didn’t want to be the first to arrive and so waited until the last moment.  It’s almost a competition to see who’ll hold out the longest and arrive the latest.  So when a party is supposed to start at 9 o’clock that means really 11 o’clock.

It is nice to be relaxed about things in general, though.  Don’t you agree?  I mean, let’s keep our hair on here and not get into a tizzy.   Alright so you’ve been waiting for 15 minutes for her to come along.  So What?  Read a book, browse through the paper or magazine over in the corner.  Take a deep breath.  Ah but, the problem is you have to go in 15 minutes and if she doesn’t arrive soon you won’t be able to have that nice chat you needed to have.  Kids and teachers won’t wait 15 minutes for you just so you can catch up with your friend who is at this stage 15 minutes late.  That child of yours will be left at the gate of the school all on his owneo.

Back to the party scene.  There you are bored out of your mind because you’re the only one there at the party and you were hoping to go to bed reasonably early i.e 2 o clock so that tomorrow you won’t be like a bag of cats and will get to do that bit of gardening you had planned to do.  But what’s going to happen now is the party will only kick off at 11 and will be in full swing by 12.30 and you’ll have to either leave and be a party pooper by 1.30 or you’ll simply have to forget about the gardening and try to keep awake until party reaches its climax at about 3.30 or 4.00 at which stage, you’ll have drank so much (between the waiting from 9 until 11, the false start,  and the real start of the party up to the very end, there will have been lots of drinking time).  Tomorrow morning there will be hell to pay and you’ll curse every living soul who isn’t a stickler for time like you!!!!