Handmade Natural Soap

Next week we will be up in Ballsbridge, Dublin at the RDS National Craft and Design Fair from 3rd to 7th December. Not too long to go now. I have this niggling feeling in my tummy when I think about it and all I have to do beforehand, sort of nervous sensation. But It will all go just fine. In fact, there is a promise of success in the air. At least with the soaps. We have been selected for inclusion in the Design & Crafts Council Display area. No mean achievement! The purpose of this area is to encourage consumers to buy Irish craft by displaying great gift ideas from Irish craftspeople at the show.


soap in a box (Medium)


Handmade soap one could almost eat!

I can’t help thinking about a fudge sweet with a flavour of orange with real orange peel.  Mouths waters until I realise we’re talking about a bar of soap here and you can’t actually eat it.  This bar has an ylang ylang fragrance and has  honey and kilbeggan oatmeal added.  A rough (but not too rough)  bar for exfoliating with the exotic scent from essential oils

The soap dish was designed and made by Mauricio from Heartworks.  The perfect size at 10cm x 6 cm for any hand basin

ylang ylang honey oatmeal soap (Medium)