About heartworks

Heartworks make clocks, mirrors, picture frames and all sorts of things, even tables,  by hand using recylced slate from the roofs of old houses and buildings around Ireland.  Each of our pieces gets individual attention – no mass producing here – and is made to the highest standard.  Just take a look at some of our work on our website http://www.heartworks.ie  or follow us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/heartworks.ie.  We are proud to present  our work.

Enough about heartworks and more about the people behind it.  We are a team of two fairly mature adults.  Monica Daly, that’s me, and Mauricio Martino, who I like to consider as my complimentary half.  We’re a couple and have been together since 1987 when we met in the Canadian Institute in Santiago, Chile.  Both of us were working as teachers of English as a foreign language.  We’ve never looked back since then but rather forward.  We now have two boys, one, Shane,  turned 18 on 18/1/2013 and is in University in Galway studying Computer Science.  The other, Miguel, is in secondary school, Tullamore College, and will be 14 on 1/5/2013.   We live in a tiny, quaint cottage at the entrance into Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co Offaly, Ireland and our workshop is outside the gate.  Both Shane and Miguel get involved in the business, helping with the production, from time to time.  Mauricio is the artist and the creator/designer and artistic director and general quality controller.  I’m the book keeper, the secretary, the administrator, the “face” of the business.  All queries come through me, all orders, all complaints (not too many of those) etc.  At the risk of sounding as if I do everything, which I don’t, I must also state that in there among my chores are the cooking, dish washing, shopping, house cleaning etc.  You get the picture.  Our home and business are very much connected.  In a way, this is a cottage industry.  And just so Mauricio doesn’t come out of this looking like a “lazy good for nothing”, which he isn’t, I will say a few more things about him.  Not only is he responsible for creating all these beautiful pieces  but he also does his fair share around the house.  You might see him (or hear him) on a saturday morning, chain saw in hand, preparing fire wood for the next few weeks.  Or you wouldn’t be surprised to see him up on a ladder cleaning out the eaves or painting a window.  He doesn’t keep to a regular schedule.  He has been known to be in the workshop until 2 in the morning getting an order out or preparing for some show or other.  And are our Sundays sacred? – absolutely not!  He’s forever “popping” into the workshop to finish with some stage of the production, ie paint the backs of the mirrors, so that he can be ready on monday to go on with the next stage in the process.  Anyway, enough now about both of us.  And back to Heartworks.

We love visitors to our workshop and we would hope that they don’t feel obliged to buy anything, although that helps, because we know that they will pass on the word.  As we live next door we pretty much are available 24/7 but it is advisable to call beforehand even during the week and during “office hours” or you run the risk of seeing Mauricio up on that ladder or me hanging up the clothes or gone off with our dog for a walk!!!  But please do call sometime.  You’ll be glad you did!!!


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