a fine pair

the regal mirror and regal pendulum clock below are made by mauricio of heartworks.  They make a fine pair!!



New pub in town

An Portach, a new pub in the great town of Tullamore has opened its doors.  Now I can´t say I´ve been there but I did have a look and I know they have good taste because they purchased a number of items from ourselves.  If you go in and see yourself you´ll more than likely be looking through one of our mirrors.  The chess table is ours too (well it’s their’s now).  Some old photos of Church Street Tullamore are also exhibited there as a form of decoupage on slate.  Over the door the name of the pub, An Portach, meaning The Bog has been done by heartworks in slate.

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The Rock Shop, Liscannor, Co. Clare

What a lovely space the Rock Shop is!  Whether its a break from driving around the dangerous roads of Clare you want or getting in out of the wet and windy weather or simply wanting to buy a present for someone back home or feeling a little peckish and in need of a snack or light lunch the Rock Shop is the place for you.

You could spend hours in there just poking your nose in this corner or that alcove letting your gaze go on a few different level changes so as not to miss a trick.  From the ground right up to the ceiling its jam-packed with bits and bobs.  If you love stones, either precious or semi-precious, you’ll have a feast in store for you there.  There are trinkets and various items there at all kinds of prices to suit all purses.

We have a lot of our mirrors and clocks there and we’re proud to be part of their success.  We love to take the opportunity to make nice big and unusual mirrors for them and also to deliver them by hand (a great excuse to get down to Clare and especially to that wonderful shop.  Good luck to you Rock Shop

gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins

Well if gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins then my son has a great big sin on his soul, God bless him.  

He has some appetite and that’s for sure.  He’d eat you out of house and home if he could.  I don’t know where he puts it all. He’s not even fat  

But I wouldn’t change anything about him for the world.  And at least, I have never had to go around fretting that he wasn’t eating sufficient amounts and that he was missing out on valuable nutrients,  

So if he has committed a sin be it venial, mortal or even deadly and hasn’t repented for it I won’t let him  burn in the eternal fires of hell.  Let them come for him.  They’ll have me to contend with.  

Good Old Miguel, keep on eating.  Bon Apetit!!!

“On tenterhooks”

Judging by the meaning of this phrase it sounds like it should read “on tender hooks”, the meaning being “in an anxious or nervous state of waiting to find out what´s going to happen”.  Until my sister pointed it out to me I always said “on tender hooks” and I felt it was appropriate as it meant to me that one was worried and tense and “tender”.  But no, it looks like I got it very wrong.

So where does “on tenterhooks” come from?  Well, according to Wikipedia, tenterhooks were used in the process of making woollen cloth.  After the cloth was woven it still contained oif from the fleece and some dirt and it was brought to a fulling mill to be cleaned and then it had to be dried on a large wooden frame (a tenter).  The lenghts of wool were stretched over the tenter using hooks all around the frame to hold them in place thus taking care that the wool wouldn’t shrink and that it would hold its shape.

So I’m glad to say that at the moment I am not “on tenterhooks” nor am I “on tender hooks” nor am i “at the end of my tether”.  I haven’t a care in the world at the moment.  There’s lots of things that could and should be worrying me  but I’ve decided that life’s too short and I don’t like the idea of being “hung out to dry on a tenter” with hooks holding me in place and stretching me every which way.  No Siree!!!  I’ll take life as it comes