the sweet promise of summer

Was yesterday that sweet promise of summer we’ve all been waiting for?  If so, it is a cruel joke.  Today temperatures have plummeted down to 12 degrees again with intermittent sun.  This photo below was taken earlier in May of last year when, I recall, we also had that upbeatedness, that “dare to hope” about us when this lovely evening came along, totally unexpected so we didn’t even have time to arrange a quick call around to all interested parties for a barbecue.  Instead we had to make do with just ourselves and a gin and tonic.  I can still feel the heat of the evening sun and the insects and can hear the distant sounds of the lawnmowers and the passers-by on their way up to Charleville woods.  Happy memories!!!

the promise of summer

Will we, at any time this year, be sipping our G s and Ts  in the garden while the smells of the barbecue assail our senses amidst the sounds of glee and joviality?  Is that too much to hope for?  Please, Please do not make promises you can’t keep!


The latest fashion in cow jewellery!!!

Have you bought your loved cow anything special recently?  Have you treated her to something she´ll really love?  Go on, spoil her a little, show her you love her, buy her our most up to date and original earrings!!  Fully and 100% plastic, guaranteed to tickle her udders and make her the bell of the ball and the pride of the herd.  She´ll thank you in ways you couldn´t imagine for making her feel so important.  For the reasonable price of €14.97 a pair and the very special price of 2 for €25 they´re all yours so why not pick up your pair or two today?. You´ll be glad you did!!!

cow earrings

Presentation Pieces for Tullamore Educate Together May 2011

In may 2011 Tullamore Educate Together  Primary School officially opened and there for the ceremony were two important persons namely Paul Rowe, CEO for Educate Together and Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education.  Both were presented with a Heartworks Clock in honour of the occasion.

paul rowe tullamore ed. togetherThis photo is with Paul Rowe along with the last three of the nineteen  original students who were there from the very very very beginning when it first opened in September 2004.  The clock is  with a pendulum and the Education Together Logo on a slate background with the words “Educate Together” written inside gold swirling panels.  Another, not so dissimilar clock, was presented to the school itself with the inscription “Tullamore Educate Together”

prentaton cloc tullamore educate together national school

ruairi quinn tullamore ed. togetherThis Photo is with Cathy, Principal of the school and  Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education. It was a proud day for Heartworks and an honour to have our work used as presentation pieces for such an important occasion for Tullamore.

a meeting with a remarkable tree.

I’d normally be walking up the avenue to Charleville Castle if that was where I wanted to go but today Mauricio escorted me there in the car.  I’m afraid the auld back has seen better days and has been giving me and my sciatica nerve a little trouble lately.

So anyway, on the way back Mauricio was telling me about his experience yesterday up in the woods; his tree-hugging experience and how good it  felt.  Then I remembered what a friend had said; to go to some tree I admired and hug it and ask it to take my pain down into its roots.

Well that I did.  We stopped the car and I knew exactly which tree to go to; the one I had found years  ago and for the first time was able to identify it as a Beech Tree; a great big wise old Beech Tree.

Hugging was a little awkward at first.  It was far too thick and made me put an arch in my back which caused spasms in my legs.  I tried to get into a comfortable position and hug the tree at the same time but in vain.  And then out of nowhere I felt I was being given directions which told me that if I couldn’t hug it in the real sense then to turn around and let my back rest along its massive trunk.  And then after a few minutes it directed me to sink onto my hunkers still back to back.  I must have stayed there for at least half an hour or so.  I imagined the pain being sucked down from the nerve down through the roots of the tree and  the tree telling me not to worry and that everything was going to be ok and to be patient.  We stayed there together as one, me and my wise teacher and friend, for a long time.  He imparted so much knowledge to me in that space and I received it all.  His wisdom touched me to the bone, filled my veins with nutrients, spread to my brain, to my heart and to my soul which had been lost for a time in a sphere of melted confusion.  He told me to rise and feel my inner strength.  He guided me to that place where one is at one with oneself.

Before leaving him to his grandeur and omnipresence, I made a promise to both him and myself that I would be back soon and that I would be a constant refuge seeker in his loving arms and that I would always value him as a protector, a friend and a teacher.   One thing I didn’t say to him, although I have no doubt he already knows, is that I pledge my allegiance to him and vow to protect him, from here on in, in as far as I can and in as far as he needs it.

As for the pain, well, would you believe that I haven’t felt this good for a long time.  I’m not saying that the pain has miraculously disappeared. It hasn’t.  But it is going to go away soon and I will be back to my normal perky self before long, long before the blue bells recede, before those poor legs of mine become like jelly and the muscles all start to give up from lack of use, before it is too late to get out to my garden to do some planting, before you can say Jack Rabbit.   Thank you Mr. Beech!

Forever present in a photo

Below are photos both of my mother and Mauricio’s father.  They’re both gone from us, my mother almost 5 years now and Mauricio’s dad a year and a half.  When we go to craft fairs and even in our workshop we have them there in our photo frames looking down at us and, as we like to think, guiding us and comforting us.

This photo here of my mother was taken a few months before she died in around May and that day Mauricio had gone around the garden picking wild flowers for her. Later on, we were going to have a barbecue.  The other photo of Mauricio’s dad was taken with him holding a glass of “Cola de Mono” a typical chilean aperitif around christmas time.  They make a handsome pair just like their children do!!!  7 x 5 slate picture frame charcoal band trans

photo frame with nana

What makes people tick?

I wonder sometimes what makes people tick, especially when it comes to clocks.   Do they want a clock where the time is “in your face” or do they want a not so “in your face” clock.  This little clock here is for the latter type.  You have to engage your brain to see the time properly but with a little effort you can.  

One day a woman, who had bought a clock from us, called me to say how disappointed she was with her little clock because she was having difficulty reading the time.  So I told her to send it on to us and that we would refund her.  We don’t want disgruntled customers, so we don’t.  Up until that point I would have thought that people were buying one of our clocks because, apart from telling the time,  they also served as ornamental wall hangings or free standing pieces. 

Another person wanted to know if they,  our clocks,  tick loudly and I told them no.  So when they exclaimed “what a pity” I thought  “well  I have heard it all now”.    Most people show concern that the clocks might make that tick tock tick tock that goes on and on and on but  I have always been able to assure them that they are almost inaudible.  You can’t keep everyone happy.

So  maybe one day we will make clocks that are gigantic, with plastic numbers on them “in your face” and they will make the loudest noise ever as they tick away and there’ll be no confusion about whether one is late for a date or early to bed.  It won’t matter what time bedtime is because there’ll be no sleeping going on in that house, not with the tick tock tick tock tick tock.  But at least you won’t be late for work or school or whatever the next day!!!

DSC_0053 (Medium)


works of heart from heartworks

It was suggested to me on  numerous occasions and indeed it has occurred to me anyway that we should play more on the name “Heartworks” as our brand name.   For example “works of art made from the heart” come to mind as does ” heartworks pieces made with a little piece of our heart”  But I hesitate and so does Mauricio at the risk of sounding a little corny and false.  Not that we don’t put our heart and soul into each piece.  It’s just that making a big deal about it cheapens it for us and we feel that it is evident anyway from the piece that it has been made with lots of love, care and devotion to art.

If Mauricio only knew half of the praise I give him in my blogs he’d have a fit.  He simply isn’t one for self patting on the back.  He’s humble to a fault and not given over to total confidence in his artistic talent.  He’d have you and me believe that he really isn’t that gifted after all, that he is just an ordinary guy going about his ordinary job and doing it as well as he can….bla bla bla etc etc etc.

Well I know that self praise is no praise at all but I’m not praising me.  I’m praising him and will continue to do so until he starts churning out ordinary slate pieces to mediocre standards, with only a hint of heart in them.  To date that has not been the case.