A very Trippy Trip

It was one wow after another on that trip.  A trip that was recently taken in neighbouring Emo House and Gardens and next day to Lough Boora Parklands.  Mauricio took all these photos.  I could not do such a good job.  There were countless surprises waiting around every corner as in those  photos below.  Nature was kind to us that day fulfilling us with awe and glee.

Down this country lane

“How are you, young yarrow?”

“Fine, thank you, Mr Sparrow.

And how are you today.

With that look of dismay?”

“I’m in need of a shower,

My beautiful Flower.

Waiting for the rain

Down this country lane”


“What I need is sunshine

for my complexion so divine.

To get wet does no good.

If it rains I’ll need a hood.

“Oh, just one little shower

My beautiful Flower.

My feathers need a wetting

in a puddle.  Don’t be fretting!”


“Well, hold off for a day

Or there’ll be hell to pay.

If the farmers cant get

the sunshine for their hay.

It’ll be raining soon enough

So don’t go off in a huff.

Wait for a while.

Give me a smile!

Down this country lane

You will have your rain”






Making Tinctures from flowers

My hawthorn flower tincture is brewing away nicely, almost ready.  The window of opportunity to pick the hawthorn flower seemed to have abruptly finished as quickly as it started this year and it passed me by before I realised that it was too late.  So there I was, head bowed down, disgruntled, dejected, disappointed that this year I was not going to be able to make hawthorn tincture when suddenly  I looked up and spotted a hawthorn in full bloom in the distance.    I made my way over and was so astonished to see all the blossoms still on the tree, still fresh, still worthy of picking.   I was lucky, very lucky indeed that this year one hawthorn tree decided to wait for my tardiness in collecting the flowers.  It’s like as if it said to itself  “that mad one in the gate lodge means to gather some hawthorn flowers this year but she hasn’t done it yet so I’ll give her a little more time to get up off her behind and gather some from my tree”  And that’s what I did.  It was like a gift out of heaven.


And today, I went out and picked some elder flowers and have them now ” stewing” away in a glass jar with vodka just covering them.  It’ll take a few weeks before I can try it.  But I can’t wait.  According to some sources, Elder Flower has many uses medicinally but also stimulates energy .  So if the “mad one at the gate lodge” is to get a new lease of life in the coming few weeks and is jumping for joy all around Charleville Forest, don’t be surprised!!

Granny’s Bonnet

That’s what this flower is commonly known as.  Another name for it is Aquilegia.  It is growing in our garden in various colours; pinks, blues, whites and purples.  It is supposed  to be an old cottage flower so I presume it feels right at home around our house.  It has quite a big seed pod full of little black seeds which fall out when it’s dying back, therefore ensuring its continuance for next year


granny's bonnet

Flower Show

It’s party time at the Gate Lodge and all the Flowers from around the house would like to invite you to their friggin’ frollicking flower fair. They’ll all be there in their finery, specially made costumes for the occasion, flouncing about like peacocks at a fancy dress parade, strutting their stuff and showing off hoping to win the best dressed lady or maybe, as a second best, the finest hat of the evening or maybe even win the nice legs competition.  So come on down, get in the mood, put on the gear, be prepared to rock and roll, prance around with all those pretty ladies.  You can have a good gawk at the gorgeous girls!!!  Just Don’t forget to put on your party hat.

around the house flowers (2)
flowers around the gate lodge (9)flowers around the gate lodge (11)flowers around the gate lodge (3)flowers around the gate lodge (2)flowers around the gate lodge (5) - Copyaround the house flowers (2)flowers around the gate lodge (16) - Copyflowers around the gate lodge (13) - Copy