Engagement Presents

Here, at Heartworks, we have the right gift to suit all needs.  Be it an engagement present or a wedding gift, look no further!  And we can personalise it to however you want it; an inscription, a poem, specific dimensions or style.  We’re all ears here.  Just look us up on our bespoke gifts page



Bespoke wedding or engagment gifts


Mary Queen of Scots up in Charleville Castle

This plaque accompanied the Queen Pendulum Clock which was commissioned by Charleville Castle and was presented by them to Adelaide Kane who took up the lead role as Mary Queen of Scots in the TV Movie “Reign”


plaque commissioned by Charleville castle


And here’s Adelaide herself, looking like a beautiful queen and the Other beautiful queen beside her!!!
Heartworks Queen Presentation

Our Latest “Queen” Pendulum presented to Adelaide Kane at Charleville Castle

queen pendulum presented to Adelaide KaneTake a look at our latest “Queen” pendulum Clock which more or less started out from Heartworks being commissioned by Charleville Castle to  present  Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) with a Slate Presentation Piece


unusual pendulum clock for our “unusual” friends

Now I mean “unusual” in the best possible way.  Our friends, Terri and Smiley with their lovely daughter, Sheenagh are definitely a rare threesome and they love unusual things.  That’s why we gave them this pendulum, to commemorate firstly their union which took part in the summer of 2012 and then the birth of their daughter a few months ago.  I really hope that it is unusual enough for them!!!


works of heart from heartworks

It was suggested to me on  numerous occasions and indeed it has occurred to me anyway that we should play more on the name “Heartworks” as our brand name.   For example “works of art made from the heart” come to mind as does ” heartworks pieces made with a little piece of our heart”  But I hesitate and so does Mauricio at the risk of sounding a little corny and false.  Not that we don’t put our heart and soul into each piece.  It’s just that making a big deal about it cheapens it for us and we feel that it is evident anyway from the piece that it has been made with lots of love, care and devotion to art.

If Mauricio only knew half of the praise I give him in my blogs he’d have a fit.  He simply isn’t one for self patting on the back.  He’s humble to a fault and not given over to total confidence in his artistic talent.  He’d have you and me believe that he really isn’t that gifted after all, that he is just an ordinary guy going about his ordinary job and doing it as well as he can….bla bla bla etc etc etc.

Well I know that self praise is no praise at all but I’m not praising me.  I’m praising him and will continue to do so until he starts churning out ordinary slate pieces to mediocre standards, with only a hint of heart in them.  To date that has not been the case.