little acorns, big trees

The mind does just wander off sometimes into other zones.  And the most bizarre scenes come into play.  Sometimes, these sketches are most pleasant, other times just plain ordinary with not much to recount.

Today, as I was out runnng I came across an oak tree with the a black mesh type blanket underneath.  Some tree organisation obviously put it there to collect acorns.  So anyway, at that moment my mind was cast into another realm and a whole scenario unfolded in my mind’s eye.  I was talking to a child, maybe my own son, who was picking up the acorns and throwing them away.  So I told him and these are more or less my very words “Some organisation or other has gone to all this trouble to put that blanket down under that very tree in order to collect the acorns so that they can replant them elsewhere and thus save our planet from deforestation and you just go ahead and throw them all over the place with no regard for what this organisation is doing”  And then I stopped myself, and listened to my rantings and ravings at a little child and, for a brief moment,  thought to myself “Sure that child, (whoever he is) wouldn’t understand a word you have just said”.  So I went back into “the zone” and recreated a new scenario.   There I am with my child (or whoever he is) and we come across this mesh like blanket under the tree and the child starts to throw around the acorns that have fallen on it and I gently stop him in his tracks and tell him the following – “Look at his little acorn!  Isn’t it so cute looking?  And you know what is so amazing about this little acorn?  This here little acorn is going to be planted in the ground and when you are a bigger boy than you are now this little acorn is going to start coming out of the ground and it’s going to grow and grow and grow, not quite as fast as the beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk, but it will grow and grow and grow and some day it will be a whole lot taller than you or I.  It will be as tall as its Mammy here.  Isn’t that just amazing?”

The child is speechless, in awe of the wonderment of it all, his breath taken away and he carefully puts the acorn that is in his hand down on the blanket and we move on and …. well, really I move back in the “here and now” and continue with my running and reckon it’s a miracle that I haven’t tripped over some stone or other while I was “off with the fairies”.