You wouldn’t put a dog out in it

“You wouldn’t put a dog out in it” said I the other day as I trudged through the mucky and dirty track in Charleville estate and me like a drenched rat.  In fact I was probably the only “drenched” rat there because all the  rats (and you know that there is always a rat within a few feet of you) were all staying nice and dry under some bush or shrub or such like.  Yes, I was the only drowned rat in Charleville that morning and had I had a dog to bring out (Poor little Sweepy dog departed this world two weeks ago) he would have been like another drowned rat and believe me when I say that Sweep always looked a bit like a rat when he got wet.  Today is another of those days; wet, wicked and wet.  You wouldn’t put a dog out in it, that is if you had a dog.  I guess I’ll just go out and be like a drenched drowned rat all on my owneo.


The fairest of them all

Mauricio just simply can’t do without me, so much so, that he carries my image around with him 24/7.  Here he is was spotted at the Leo awards night with an image of me on one of his mirrors.


Mauricio, for peat’s sake.  What did I tell you about your “fairest of them all”.  I ain’t going nowhere, I’ll be there by your side always and not just my shadow or image.  And that’s a threat!!!


Picture: Jeff Harvey/HR Photo

“Birds a nattering”

I christened this tealight holder “Birds a nattering” because…….  Well, they do look like three birds and they have got their heads fairly together as if in chattering and nattering and flattering and probably prattling away about nothing, just like women!!!!  Ooooops!!! Did I just say that?  HEARTWORKS Slate Tealight holdersbirds a nattering