rusts and golds and red tints

Here at Heartworks we give as much attention to our creations as is befitting.  Well Mauricio does!

Mauricio probably spent fifteen minutes just simply looking at this “Princess” pendulum before embarking on the job of painting.  Now I have to say that I don’t sit around watching him (I have a life of my own) but sometimes I might enter the workshop and see that  he is lost in his work. It’s a time of mighty creativity and much concentration is needed and one daren’t interrupt.  Believe me, I have tried and have almost gotten the head taken off me.  He really “looks” at the piece and sees where he should and shouldn’t go with his cloth and his oil based paints.  Then, as if  the inspiration arrived,  he sets to work embellishing the piece with rusts and browns and golds and red tints and after a while the end product emerges, looking gorgeous and desirable??



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