Evil Porridge stirred with slate spurtle???

“It feels like someone is choking me and at the same time sticking a knife in my gut”  The words spoken by Miguel, our son, this morning as he struggled through his bowl of “grueling gruel”.  Now, we, at Heartworks, don’t make slate bowls, nor do we make porridge oatflakes, the former being an impossibility and the latter being taken care of by nature.  But we do, or should I say, Mauricio does make a “mean” bowl of porridge.  He even looked it up online; studied it, researched it and came up with the perfect formula.  So each morning, his spurtle in hand, he stirs and stirs, and all with pure love, this noble breakfast entree and the end result is a perfectly cooked porridge with a creamy texture and a delicate fragrance.  Just like all he puts his hands on it turns out perfectly every time.


“What is a spurtle” I hear you ask.  It’s a glorified stick used for stirring porridge.  Maybe someday I’ll get Mauricio to make a slate spurtle but I doubt he will.  Just like slate bowls, slate spatulas and yes, even slate plates, slate spurtles just wouldn’t be pracical


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