table tops made with recycled slate

These table tops were custom-made.   We love to work to commission here at heartworks and welcome any ideas of yours. For example if you have a specific table top you’d like,  just contact us.chess table 1CHESS BOARDmonica's coffee table


slate plant holder

I just came across this photo right now and thought it deserved to be put out there.  Made by Mauricio, it’s one of two.  The other went all the way to Chile over to his mother.   This photo was taken when it was recently made but its still out in our patio 6 or 7 years later and looks almost as new.  (It could do with a little cleaning!!!)


a cocktail of chemicals

Now I know this is no way to be advertising your business with the term “a cocktail of chemicals”, especially one that is dedicated to the hand crafting of beautiful pieces and tries to be eco-friendly and recycle materials and all that jazz,  but I thought that this photo made for an interesting mixture of all kinds of stuff, most of which is used somehow in the making of our slate products and some of it, ie, the caustic soda, for unblocking blockages that have nothing to do with clocks or mirrors or picture frames at all.  I am impressed at the orderly way in which all the tools are hung on the door.  That’s a Mauricio thing.

heartworks workshop

A glimpse of the man himself


Above, if you look hard enough, you’ll get a glimpse of Mauricio.  Now he’s a very shy man so this is a rare thing.  Unfortunately, he has a camera stuck up to his face, thus not allowing the viewer a good look.  Believe me, he’s a fine thing.  Here’s another photo with camera still stuck up to his face but slightly clearer view of him


And a photo without camera hiding his face but unfortunately not wearing his hat (which I love).  In this photo he’s deciding what cocktail to serve me with my evening meal (as he does every day)


slate picture frames

Here at heartworks we do all kinds of picture frames:- 7 x 5, 8 x 6, 10x 8, 14 x 11 and even bigger.  No measurements are too small nor too big.  They come in different styles as well.  We have red band, charcoal band, gold edge, silver edge and just plain old plain.  Upon request, double frames can be arranged and we constantly have triple and quadruple in stock.  And to confuse you more they can be landscape photos in landscape triple frame or they can be landscape in portrait frame or they can be portrait in landscape frame or portrait in portrait frame.  Are you suitably confused now?