Handmade natural soaps

These last 8 of our range are palm free, I’m delighted to say.  Although I must say, palm oil makes a hard bar, long lasting to the end.  But we’ve added a lot of coconut to these 8 which also makes a hard bar.  Trouble with coconut is your can’t use so much of it as it can be drying to the skin.  You have to get the balance right and I think we might have achieved that with these one, having added lots of olive oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter too.   Although not to be eaten, some of them have a foody thing going on!!!


Heartworks 2017 soaps are on the way!!

All handmade by Monica, using only natural ingredients, leaving out all those nasty ugly things such as artificial fragrances and colourings.  No parabens either!

We’re about 2 days away from having the new labels printed and then Monica will have to busy herself, putting on the labels on the soaps; those soaps that are ready and waiting to be dressed up and then paraded and shown off in local markets, Bloom, RDS, Tullamore Show, Ploughing Championship, to mention but a few.  They can’t wait to be strutting their stuff, their all natural stuff and in their finery (the labels).  And this year, we’ve decided that the soap comes without any cellophane on them.  Yes, Siree, not unless you ask for it.  So we leave it up to you to do your bit for the environment.  Don’t want it wrapped in cellophane?  Well good for you! We’ll oblige.

We’ve 8 new one this year and they’re  all Palm Free.  Of course we’ll continue with the others that do have palm oil in them.  Again we give the choice to the punter.  Don’t want palm oil in your soap?  Well we have 8 soaps and 3 shampoo bars without it so don’t worry!!!  Roll on the next 2 days so that Monica can start with the labels.  Happy Days!!!

jog, then a blog

As New Year’s Eve fast approaches and the Christmas is nearly over, I turn my attention to my new year’s resolutions.   Not that I’m going to reveal them all  here at the risk of boring everyone to tears. But there is one or two which I gladly share.  I intend to jog at least 10 minutes a day, come what may, in 2013 and I also intend to blog on a daily basis, sorry!!!

So that means that on 1st January I have to be fit to start, I can’t very well renege on my very first day.  Whatever about the blog, the jog is not going to happen if I ring in the new year with friends and family and have a tad too much to drink.  And that leads me to the conclusion that I’ll simply have to go to bed at 11 o’clock on New Year’s Eve, read my book for  half an hour and be asleep by midnight.  That way I’ll start off 2013 well;  have my jog, write my blog and all without the slog!!!   BORING!!!