A very Trippy Trip

It was one wow after another on that trip.  A trip that was recently taken in neighbouring Emo House and Gardens and next day to Lough Boora Parklands.  Mauricio took all these photos.  I could not do such a good job.  There were countless surprises waiting around every corner as in those  photos below.  Nature was kind to us that day fulfilling us with awe and glee.


Really really natural handmade soaps and shampoo bars from Heartworks.

Here at Heartworks we keep quite busy, buzzing around the kitchen, carrying pots of oil around, weighing out exact measurements of shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba and kukui nut oils and blending them together with various aromas all coming from essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, clove bud, to mention but a few, adding in foodstuffs such as oatmeal, cornmeal, poppy seeds etc for effect.  All these ingredients coming together make up our soaps and shampoo bars which when they have gelled together for over 24 hours get cut with our very special cutting machine (courtesy of that man of mine, Mauricio) then after a month period in our poor little hall and anywhere else we can find to put them, they get labelled and packed away until some lucky person out there reaps the benefit of their therapeutic qualities, their sensuous aroma, their lovely lather, and their long lasting endurance.


Not just a natural handmade shampoo bar

24th April 2016

The reason I call these natural handmade shampoo bars is because that’s really what they are.  Now I know you’re having difficulty getting your head round the idea that shampoo would not flow from a bottle onto your hands to be distributed around your hair.  I get your confusion.  But you really should suspend your judgment on how a shampoo should be, leave your prejudices behind you temporarily and try it.

All you have to do is rub it on your hair at which stage it will lather up into a beautiful creamy lather, let your fingers massage it around the hair.  Then leaving it for a minute or two for it to do its magic rinse off and listen to the squeaky noise coming from your very very clean hair.

I like to brush my hair straight away and then, because I have long hair, put it up in a bun for an hour or two and then let it out.  With me, I don’t have to use conditioner, the soap does that for me.  Maybe you need to always put conditioner in your hair.  If so, then do it as usual.

This shampoo bar can also be used as a soap (your visitors will love you) , a very luxuriant soap,  Likewise it can be used for shaving.  In fact, we have one shampoo bar with cedarwood and bergamot especially for men.

And if you really can’t get past the “bar” element of these, I will be working on a natural liquid soap; it’s in the investigative stage.  Just Watch this Space


Pussh, my darling

I do miss her so much.  She’s been gone from us for at least two weeks but I still feel her quietly and cautiously “owning the house”.  Oh yes, she was the boss alright, no mistaking that.  Jimmy knew it too and kept out of her way.  The bigger of the two and male to boot, he was actually afraid of Pussh, despite her 15+ years.

I remember the day she came into our lives, remember it like it was the other day.  She was up at the start to Charleville woods in the thick briars meowing in a frantic fashion; as if to say, “please take me home with you and feed me.  This mother of mine is throwing me out to the wolves.  Please protect me, save me from my mother,  pleeeeeease!”

So she did come home with us that day and here she stayed, ever aloof but faithful, always quietly present, never letting us down.  RIP PUSSH


The Easter Bunny Litter Lout

I just wanted to let you know, Mr or Mrs. Easter Bunny, that I didn’t find any eggs on the little tour you had me go on.  Your signs are there leading the way, pointing one in the right direction but alas all the eggs are gone.  Could it be that you forgot to take down the signs after Easter Sunday Easter Bunny Egg Hunt?  And that all the eggs were picked up that day?  If so, could you please remove your signs so that we can have a litter free beautiful Charleville once again

A pint of Guinness of a cup of steamy tea?

No, I’m not offering either of these.  You can go make your own tea or pour your own Guinness.  All I’m saying is that, when at the waterfall in Glenbarrow, up the Slieve Bloom mountains, we were reminded of these two things. It’s funny how one saw a pint of Guinness and the other a cup of tea (without the milk, that is).  There was another who saw a glass of whiskey on the rocks in it.  I just saw bog water running very rapidly down a precipice.  But I have been known to be a bore!!!

Exhilarating or Painful?

Exhilarating I’d say.  Painful? How is a little bit of snow going to hurt you?  Now tell me that!!.  Mind you, it was a little more than “a bit of snow”.  It was a regular blizzard and I was in it running through the woods and estate of Charleville Castle.  At first I was hesitant to go on as I looked up at a cloak of darkness, no a black mass in the sky swiftly coming my way and then the initial single flakes of snow  turning very quickly into a million falling feathers.  Any sane person would have turned back and headed for home but me and my fit of madness went on heading into the eye of the storm.  And it was exhilarating!!  Well there was one annoying thing about it.  The snow got so heavy on my cap that it started weighing down and falling into my eyes along with the odd flake of snow.  Not so annoying as a bit of a nuisance.  The “feathers of snow” were not so kind to my cheeks either leaving them tingling with cold.  Apart from all that I have to say it was a very pleasant experience and something that everyone should endure sometime.

a lizard in a blizzard!!