An Old Dog, New Tricks or Old Habits!

Whatever about new tricks, now that is tricky to teach our dog Sweep new tricks,  but old habits die hard, as they say. Yesterday  I was out in the woods with Sweep meandering through the usual routes and paths that we always take but this time when we came to that old felled tree that used to be blocking the path and which Sweep, old as he is, couldn’t climb over,  I found it was gone; cut into firewood overnight.  So no more obstacle in the way, I continued on.  But not our Sweep.  He continued to take the detour he always takes, a slightly curving path around the offending object.  So today I slowed down at that point and beckoned to Sweep to follow me through the unimpeded path but to no avail.  He took the detour again.  I wonder when he’s going to cop on .


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