running into the sunrise

Running away from the sunrise wasn’t quite what I had in mind that morning, as I put one foot in front of the other in an effort to move forward in a quick and lithe fashion.  Nor was I aware that I was doing so as that early in the morning the sun is rather shy and is kind of hiding somewhere behind the trees of Charleville.  No, it wasn’t until I reached the gate and the sign that says “Private, Keep out” which I come to every morning, that I turned to go back the way I came.  Well, that sun was bursting forth over the distant trees and beaming straight at me and now facing into it I was in danger of tripping over myself or some stone or other that might or might not be on the path.  I just simply could not see in front of me.  And suddenly, as if our of nowhere, this big huge cow and her beloved little calf were on the path  and if, at the moment, I had had sun glasses in my pocket I would have put them on to rid myself of the glare.  That great big Mama seemed like a giant mammoth to me without the tusks and she was fearsome because she had her young one to protect and I had my little old dog traipsing after me which must have seemed like a threat to her.

So with hand over eyebrows and slowing down the pace a little we, me and my dog, passed by the pair, neck strained and fists ready for the eventuality that she might attack.  And then I wondered to myself where the hell they had come out of as they were not there on our way down (away from the sunset) a few moments before .  It’s as if the sun miraculously made them appear out of nowhere. Passing them by I mumbled under my breath that it was ok, that we wouldn’t do any harm and as soon as we got by them the sun was once again behind the trees over yonder and so I got my sight back and could up the pace and head for home,


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