This weekend we’ve certainly made good use of our massive freezer that we have in the shed.  First of all, during the week I had tomatoes everywhere in the kitchen; in bags ripening with the aid of a ripe banana thrown in to the same bag and so I made a tomatoe sauce over the weekend.  I put the sauce into a few different containers and stuck them in the freezer.  Then, yesterday, I made courgette and mint soup, both of which we have growing in the garden.  So those rather oversized courgettes that needed a new life have it now in the form of soup.  That is also gone into the freezer in various sizes of container.  Today we went out picking mushrooms and came back with easily 2 kilos.  So what do you think I did with them?  Yes, I made soup, leaving a few for himself for during the week for his breakfasts and snacks and whatnots.  When that soup cools down it’ll also be put in varying sizes of containers and into the freezer.  Good old freezer!!


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