my charming brother in law

Let me tell you about my charming brother in law.  Not the one who is constantly cleaning the kitchen floor, nor the one who sometimes, or many times, partakes in a glass(een) of wine with his favourite sister in law, me.  And I’m certainly not talking about the one who makes soap for a living nor the one who is wild about music although the one I am talkiing about also loves music.  In fact all my brothers in law love music and when they get together they talk about little else.  No Im talking about the brother in law who has a high opinion of himself and when he gets a gold filling thinks he should be broadcasting it all over and trying to make poor honest-to-god folk, like ourselves here, feel small and insignificant with our ordinary greyish fillings.  You wouldn’t see me taking a photo of the inside of my mouth but this guy, well, he is so full of self pride that he thinks even the inside of his gob should be pictured.  And then he has the cheek (no pun intended) to title the email, to which he attached this photo, “I’m rich and You’re poor”.  And that’s my charming brother in law!!



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