A rolling stone gathers no moss

A rolling stone gathers no moss.  Hmmm, well  let me think about that for a moment…..  Now is that a bad thing or a good thing?  There are two ways of looking at this, the way I see it.  Firstly, It’s a bad thing not to gather moss.  It implies fickleness, or maybe shallowness, or even non compliance and divil-me-care attitude.  The rolling stone owes no loyalty to anyone or anything.  It happily rolls onward, downward march, passing lots of things and not showing any interest in anything.

On the other hand, it could mean a good thing  because, after all, who wants to gather moss which implies stagnation; an inability to move on and move out and get over things.   So not gathering moss could possibly mean, and this is the way I chose to take it, that one is not stuck in a rut, one has an agile nature that can bend to what’s coming along.  Now that’s very useful is this day and age, what with recessions and massive weather changes etc.

But to confuse the reader further I offer another suggestion.  Mossy things are lovely, moss is lovely and luscious.   Have you ever been in a mossy forest?  It’s so appealing, it makes us feel that things are constant after all and that we don’t need to worry.  It epitomises steadfastness and loyalty and all those desirable traits.  That forest has been around for a long time and is thriving.  Another mossy image that comes into my head is that of a tree, my special tree,  that has moss growing on its shady side.  It looks so luxuriant and confortable in its own skin and believe me when I tell you that it is so confortable to put your head against.  So conforting, so ancient, so wise, so …. mossy.  So the question remains:  Is it a good or bad thing – that a rolling stone gathers no moss?


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