Wild Garlic Pesto….. yum yum.  So easy to make and it’s free.  Well maybe not the olive oil, nor the pine nuts and certainly not the parmesan cheese.  Actually there was a dearth of pine nuts in the Tullamore area that day but at the health shop I was told to substitute pine nuts with pumpkin seeds and that’s what I did.

Off with me up Charleville Forest one evening and I picked a great big handful of young wild garlic leaves, the nicer tender ones.  Came home, gave them a quick wash and threw them into the blender with a few basil leaves (8-10) tipped over the bottle of olive oil on top of the leaves, probably about half a cup in all, a bit of salt and pepper.  threw in a garlic clove just for good measure and in a seperate blender I grinded the seeds until fine, 2 tablespoons.  When the leafy stuff was all nicely liquidy and blended I added the dry ingredients, which included about half a cup of parmesan cheese , to the wet stuff and heh pesto!!!  Tossed in with pasta, you couldn’t go wrong!!

Even the two boys, both teenagers, thought it was lovely or certainly didn’t complain.  Mind you, I had cooked some sausage with it to take the “hardship”  out of eating vegetarian food.  But I needed only the pasta and the pesto and I was as happy as a pig in shite!!


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