the sweet promise of summer

Was yesterday that sweet promise of summer we’ve all been waiting for?  If so, it is a cruel joke.  Today temperatures have plummeted down to 12 degrees again with intermittent sun.  This photo below was taken earlier in May of last year when, I recall, we also had that upbeatedness, that “dare to hope” about us when this lovely evening came along, totally unexpected so we didn’t even have time to arrange a quick call around to all interested parties for a barbecue.  Instead we had to make do with just ourselves and a gin and tonic.  I can still feel the heat of the evening sun and the insects and can hear the distant sounds of the lawnmowers and the passers-by on their way up to Charleville woods.  Happy memories!!!

the promise of summer

Will we, at any time this year, be sipping our G s and Ts  in the garden while the smells of the barbecue assail our senses amidst the sounds of glee and joviality?  Is that too much to hope for?  Please, Please do not make promises you can’t keep!


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