Presentation Pieces for Tullamore Educate Together May 2011

In may 2011 Tullamore Educate Together  Primary School officially opened and there for the ceremony were two important persons namely Paul Rowe, CEO for Educate Together and Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education.  Both were presented with a Heartworks Clock in honour of the occasion.

paul rowe tullamore ed. togetherThis photo is with Paul Rowe along with the last three of the nineteen  original students who were there from the very very very beginning when it first opened in September 2004.  The clock is  with a pendulum and the Education Together Logo on a slate background with the words “Educate Together” written inside gold swirling panels.  Another, not so dissimilar clock, was presented to the school itself with the inscription “Tullamore Educate Together”

prentaton cloc tullamore educate together national school

ruairi quinn tullamore ed. togetherThis Photo is with Cathy, Principal of the school and  Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education. It was a proud day for Heartworks and an honour to have our work used as presentation pieces for such an important occasion for Tullamore.

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