What makes people tick?

I wonder sometimes what makes people tick, especially when it comes to clocks.   Do they want a clock where the time is “in your face” or do they want a not so “in your face” clock.  This little clock here is for the latter type.  You have to engage your brain to see the time properly but with a little effort you can.  

One day a woman, who had bought a clock from us, called me to say how disappointed she was with her little clock because she was having difficulty reading the time.  So I told her to send it on to us and that we would refund her.  We don’t want disgruntled customers, so we don’t.  Up until that point I would have thought that people were buying one of our clocks because, apart from telling the time,  they also served as ornamental wall hangings or free standing pieces. 

Another person wanted to know if they,  our clocks,  tick loudly and I told them no.  So when they exclaimed “what a pity” I thought  “well  I have heard it all now”.    Most people show concern that the clocks might make that tick tock tick tock that goes on and on and on but  I have always been able to assure them that they are almost inaudible.  You can’t keep everyone happy.

So  maybe one day we will make clocks that are gigantic, with plastic numbers on them “in your face” and they will make the loudest noise ever as they tick away and there’ll be no confusion about whether one is late for a date or early to bed.  It won’t matter what time bedtime is because there’ll be no sleeping going on in that house, not with the tick tock tick tock tick tock.  But at least you won’t be late for work or school or whatever the next day!!!

DSC_0053 (Medium)



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