ignorance is bliss???

“Ignorance is bliss” or so they say but on the other hand “there’s no excuse for ignorance” and yet again “she’s going around with her head so far up her a**e she doesn’t know what’s happening in the world”  I don’t know which of these apply to me – probably all three.

Sometimes I don’t know what’s going on  in the world until three weeks after it happened.  I don’t read the newspapers, I don’t watch the news on the telly, I hardly meet anyone from one end of the week to the next except my immediate neighbours and family.  I might be walking up in Charleville woods and I meet this man, and he says to me “Wasn’t that a terrible thing that happened in China last week” and I’m there with a blank expression on my face which he notices and then he  clarifies.  “you know, the earthquake that killed a couple of thousand people?” and I’m still staring absent mindedly at him “you mean you didn’t know about it?”  At this stage I feign being in a hurry and move on very quickly.  I later get clarification that yes  there was a major catastrophe three weeks ago.

It’s just that being up to date with the latest happenings in the world has such a high price.  You get all this first hand news but with the drama, sensationalism and the hype that the media like to put on it.  Anyone that listens to the news every day hasn’t got a good word to say about life in general.  It’s all doom and gloom!!! So maybe my head is  in the sand or up “you know what” but I do  get all the vital information albeit a little later  and my head isn’t wrecked with all that negative stuff.





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