little small mirrors at heartworks

So you just want a little discreet mirror by the door so that you can have a wee look at yourself, on your way out, to see if you’ve put your make-up on right, perhaps to touch up that lipstick.  Or maybe even to make sure there’s no egg on your chin as you answer the door to whoever has rang the door bell.  It doesn’t have to be a big mirror, “in your face” type.   And these mirrors even double up as cute ornamental pieces.   And they’re not only for that place in the hall by the door.  You can have them anywhere you fancy; bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, utility room.

We’ve been known to put a  little tea light stand at the base in front of the mirror too just to make them even more special (see below).  Here’s a batch of them being made.  We also put other motifs on, usually celtic looking


tea light in front of mirror


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