loopy or looking for notice?

Was it the devil that took hold of her  or was it a sub conscious need and underlying desire for attention?  Whatever!!!  She now sends a thousand apologies to anyone who came into her path that day.  Whoever you are, you got an earful of her woes and for that she is truly sorry.

It all went pear shaped as she was standing in the queue at the Credit Union and she put her hand in her bag to take out the crispy bundle of notes (She had just been paid back a loan from a friend) and lo and behold there was no sign of it.   So without further ado and trying to stay calm she left the premises and went back the way she had come, nose to the ground.  Every shop from there to the other bank she had been in beforehand were informed of her “missing or stolen” money.  In the bank she asked a clerk there if they had perhaps found a wad of notes on the ground and if not would she have lodged €800 too much in her business account fifteen minutes previous.  When she was given a negative response to both she started wondering if maybe the bank staff were on the make?  Outside on her bike, still parked at the bank, she searched high up and low down in the pannier bags to see if the cash had somehow found its way into them ?  Then she wondered why two men were standing each side of her,  smoking their fags, as she searched in vain for her precious cargo.  Were they perhaps the culprits who had stolen the money from her bag and were now back for more?  Back to the Credit Union to bother the staff there  with her big problem asking if anyone had found €800 and were kind enough to hand it in?    Off to the Police Station meeting one or two friends on the way who also got the brunt of her misfortune.  No,  nobody had handed in any money in the last 20 minutes and would she like to talk to some guards if she was suspicious about being robbed.  Yes, that would be very nice indeed, thank you very much.  We’ll send a police car up to your house in the afternoon.

Now, she was feeling very low and tearful at this stage .  Off she went to the health shop where her friend was working and who could give her some homoeopathy to deal with the crisis; yet another poor unfortunate  person who got wrapped up in the unfortunate affair!!  She received the treatment and felt a little calmer.  Off she went to finish up her shopping and things and home she went.  Maybe the money might never have left the house?   She checked and no, no such luck.  After lunch, true to their word, came the Gardai, two of them no less,  armed with their report book and pen to take details and to tease out of her whether this was a case of theft of or simply losing the money.   She gave every last detail, including the men outside the bank at her bike.  She also alluded to the possible lack of  integrity of the bank clerk who counted the money?  So in the course of talking to the police, one of them asked her to show her credit union bank  book.  She took it out  and upon closer investigation it transpired that the bundle was tucked neatly away in its side pocket.  She sent the guards off amidst sincerest apologies for wasting their time.  Mortified doesn’t begin to describe how she felt at that moment.

So, to all those innocent people accused and/or affected by this mad event she hopes that you will forget the whole affair and not think too badly of her and please don’t spread the word about how loopy she is.  She knows that anyway.


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