cloudy day we’re having!!!

It was a cloudy day but yet there was a warm breeze.  Winter was coming or so they were saying and with it the rainy season.  There would a lot more days like this one.  What a nuisance!.  But I suppose it did offer a break in the non-stop blueness in the sky for the last 60 or so days.  We had all got a little bored with the one colour of the sky – blue.


That last paragraph serves only to make you all sick in your hearts as you (irish, I mean) look out the window at the incessant rain and the “one colour” of the sky – grey.  In Chile, they were really complaining when the sky looked like this below.  Imagine.  Wouldn’t we give our right arm for a sky like that even in summer never mind in winter.  But I suppose it’s all down to standards and what you’re used to. 


The rain could be pelting down here in Ireland and yet you’d pass someone on the street and they might say “It’s a grand soft day, isn’t it”  And if we had a day like the one in the photo we’d be heading off to the nearest beach or lake, picnic baskets packed, plenty of liquid, sun protection cream in the bag, buckets, spades, the lot.  Oh, don’t forget the beach ball.  Have you all got your mobile phones fully charged ’cause we’re off for the day. All aboard, anyone want to make a loo stop before we start the engine.  And off we go.  yipee!!!




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