a foxy story

Early one morning during one of the summer months when all the house was asleep except myself I went out into the garden to look around and lo and behold a fox came across the field.  He (maybe she) didn’t stop until he was right up to me.  I panicked of course and found the first thing I could find which happened to be a ladder and put it between me and him for some sort of protection.  He wasn’t afraid of me  in the slightest.  On the contrary, he was almost cheeky or maybe emboldened by starvation or thirst or some ailment.  He kept on coming at me and I kept on poking him with the ladder,  scared out of my wits.  A wild animal attacking me!!!

Anyway along came Sweep, the dog, and that fairly got the fox moving.  He sped off and I quickly took a hold to sweep (who hadn’t even noticed the fox) and brought him in the other direction.  That was it.  I never laid eyes on him again.  I do hope he got something to eat or drink or that he got better of whatever it was that was bothering him.

Although I didn’t take this photo it reminds me of him.  He almost looked like he could be a house pet.

Foxes prey on Good Lifers


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