honour and duty bound

It’s a serious business, this being told a secret and then being told, upon peril of your life, not to reveal it to a living soul.  It puts a huge weight on one’s shoulder.

Not that anyone has told me a secret that I must guard viciously.  No, I’m completely without that ball and chain around my neck.  I don’t have to look the other way when I see someone coming towards me who might detect that I’m hiding something from them.  I can hold my head up and look them straight in the eye.

But it must be awkward at times, holding this precious information tightly and securely within yourself.  Just say, for arguments sake, that a friend or an acquaintance has told you that he/she is having an affair and you know his or her partner who you meet quite often.  Wouldn’t it be kind of weird not being able to tell him/her that the other half is sleeping with someone else?  Not that I’d know about this awkwardness.   I’m not weighed down, not me.

So if any of you friends out there feel like sharing a secret with me, I’m sure you won’t hesitate to do so after reading this post!!

yours truly


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