dawning of another day

Today, Mauricio had to be at the airport for about 8.30 so we were driving to Dublin as the day was dawning.  What a lovely feeling even if the occasion was pretty sad!  “What’ll I do without you for a month Mauri?”   But anyway back to the dawn.  I always get great energy from the rising sun.   The day brightens up so slowly and reflects your mood, your own tardiness, sluggishness to  wake up.  Its sets you right for the day and fills you with hope.  Or at least it does that to me.  I feel the opposite to how I feel when I don’t get up until after 10am and feel that the day has passed me by.  But today I wasn’t quite as receptive to the dawn’s energy but it helped numb the pain a little.

On another part of the partially lit up sky the moon seemed to be going down bidding us good night or good morning or ” hasta manana”.  It was as if it were telling me that it’s on its way to Chile to make sure all is ok out there for Mauricio’s arrival and that it would be flitting between there and here keeping both of us from getting lonely.  By the time we had reached the airport the day was in full swing and on the way home a drizzle ascended and dampened my somewhat sinking heart and drowning spirits even more.  I’ll just have to wait for the moon to appear again and let me know that everything is going to be ok.


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