broken promises

I knew it.  I knew I’d do it.  I knew that I wouldn’t go to bed on 31st at 11 and sleep through the party time.  I knew that I’d succumb to the first invitation to partake in the festivities.  I knew well that I’d wake up on the 1st and break the first promise to myself for 2013;  to go for at least a ten minute jog every day.

Well with the head that was on me this morning who in their right mind would attempt to inflict torture, such as a 10 minute jog would entail, on themselves?   I could hardly do a gentle 5 minute walk never mind an arduous work out.   So here I am feeling worthless and disappointed at myself .  But I shouldn’t feel too bad.  After all I still haven’t broken the 2nd promise; to blog every day.  So yis can all look forward to endless rantings and ravings of a beleaguered and failed jogger for the next 364 days.  Poor Ye!!!


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