The end is nigh

So who of you out there are worried that the world is about to end, that on saturday morning the sun won’t shine on our lands, nor will rain fall on our roofs; no looking forward to the lengthening of the days – that simply won’t happen and we won’t be having a white christmas, that turkey will not get cooked, not in our ovens anyway,  nor will santa come down that chimney. Thursday will be the last time we talk of the tomorrows and friday will be the last time we talk of the todays and it’ll never become a yesterday.

How will it come about?. Will we suddenly just see a flashing light far too great to bear and then we are no more? Or will we be deafened by a terrible and powerful noise just before we cease to be?

Well I, for one, look forward to saturday. I know I’ll wake up with just an inkling that I’ve had a glass of wine too much to drink the night before (family coming from Denmark so we’ll have to celebrate ).

What we really should be worried about is that we might possibly continue to exist for a long time to come in the exact same manner as we are at present and that nothing will ever change. Now that’s a scary thought.


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