A lot of lovin’ goes a long way

We’re not talking about the intimate type here although that, too, does help feed the soul.  It’s about reaching out to those around us, feeling their presence, knowing we need them as much as they need us.  It’s also about that genuine good will; that helping out a neighbour in need; appreciating all the good things and, most importantly, good people around us.

Sometimes our heads are so stuck up our ‘you know what’ that we don’t see the bounty of good cheer from others.  We feel isolated and alone.  And even though Joe Soap, who we dont know from Adam, has just passed by, given us a lovely smile and sent some words of salute our way, we didn’t even notice.  No, we just went on ahead, ploughing through the multitude, cursing each and every one for being in our way.  We arrive at our destination, wherever that might be, with a headache and a feeling of frustration and all this because we are too much into our own troubles and full of our own importance.  We have forgotten the golden rule “Love thy neighbour”.

And now at the risk of sounding too corny and “goody goody” I have to say that wee expression just mentioned is more important than we think.   You know the feeling you get when you lend a helping hand to someone and ease their stress or you do a good deed for the day?  That’s what we’re talking about here; what is referred to as “lovin'”.  There’s more than enough to go around for everyone.  What goes around comes around.

I’m going to take my leave now  and practice what I preach and send out a few “love vibes” to whoever out there cares to receive them.  CATCH!!


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